Dr. Brian Davey

Get to Know Your New San Diego Dentist

Dr. Brian Davey comes from a family of dentistry. His uncle, who was also his mentor, was a pediatric dentist. He recognized early on that Dr. Davey had the skill, both technical and interpersonal, to become a good dentist.

He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Irvine, then attended the University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry from 1996-2000.

Dr. Davey has been designated as a Fellow for the Academy of Oral Systemic Health. He was also recognized as a Top 10 General Dentist in San Diego’s Best Union-Tribune Readers Poll (2019). Previously, he was awarded the 2014 Doctor of the Year for Next Level Practice Complete Health Dentistry, also earning a leadership award.

Portrait of Dr. Brian Davey

Today, Dr. Davey’s mission is to enhance people’s lives through health, wellness, and fun. He believes the mouth is connected to the body, the body is connected to the family, and the family is connected to the health of a community. With that knowledge, his mission is bringing together the medical and dental community to collaborate for the greater good of San Diego and his patients.

Dr. Davey’s list of other awards and recognitions includes:

  • Fellow for the Academy of Oral Systemic Health
  • Top 10 General Dentist in San Diego’s Best Union-Tribune Readers Poll (2019)
  • Best Business in San Diego, 2017 – North San Diego Business Chamber
  • Best Complete Health Dental Office, 2016 – Next Level Practice
  • Healthcare Champion Award Finalist, 2015 – San Diego Business Journal (the only dentist among the group of winners)

In addition, he is the founder and creator of the San Diego Academy of Systemic Health (SDASH). In 2018, he won an award as a leader of complete health for creating SDASH and for working toward his 2020 goal of making San Diego America’s healthiest city.

Dr. Davey says, “I invite you to join my practice and become part of our patient family. I look forward to providing you with beautiful, healthy smiles now and for years to come.”

Dr. Davey’s Vision Statement

We are committed to enhancing patients’ lives by creating smiles that feel good, look great, and last a lifetime. We accomplish our goals by providing the finest in cosmetic and family dentistry utilizing cutting-edge technology in a tranquil environment.

We enjoy working with our loyal patients who appreciate superior customer service and a family touch, desire to look their very best, and enthusiastically refer their friends and family.

We are a team of professionals who enjoy working harmoniously together in a friendly, fun environment. We are patient advocates who are passionate about promoting our vision of care.

We are something different.