Choose Tooth Bonding To Smile Naturally Again

Choose Tooth Bonding To Smile Naturally Again

You take a bite, and it’s as delicious as you had hoped it would be. You are going to enjoy this meal. You are sure of that.

Then you take another bite. You feel a crunch that you weren’t expecting. It hurt a little, but the pain doesn’t last. When you take a third bite, something feels different. You excuse yourself and find the nearest mirror.

That’s not what you wanted to see. You’ve chipped a tooth, and it’s pretty obvious, too. You know you can’t walk out of the meal, but you also know that you don’t want to walk around with part of your tooth missing in the middle of your smile.

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Make A Change

Bonding is a fast and effective cosmetic service at our office. The scenario we described above is just one example of a way bonding can help.

Bonding involves the application of a special resin to your teeth. This resin can be shaded to match the color of your smile. It also can be shaped and hardened to restore or improve the appearance of teeth.

We have used dental bonding to:

  • Repair chipped and broken teeth
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Build up teeth that are small or worn-down
  • Repair small cracks in teeth
  • Hide stained teeth

If any of these are a concern for you, bonding could be a great solution.

Enjoy Your Smile

With proper care, bonding can last for years. This can give you time to save for a longer-term solution, such as veneers, or you may find that replacing your bonding as needed is the right solution for you.

Bonding is a simple, fast, and easy way to improve your smile.

We have seen how much of a different bonding can make in someone’s life. Something that might seem small, like a chipped tooth, really can affect your self-confidence. With bonding, your smile can look as nice as it ever has — and maybe even better!

Keep Your Smile Longer

After you have your dental bonding, you will want to keep your smile looking its best. The way to do that is with a good oral care routine. We probably don’t need to tell you what to do, but a little refresher never hurts.

First, you need consistent daily oral health habits. That means brushing your teeth twice per day for two minutes at a time. It also means cleaning between your teeth with dental floss, flossers, or a water flosser once per day.

Second, you need to make get regular dental checkups. Professional cleanings give us a chance to remove plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth. It also gives us a chance to examine your bonding to make sure it’s still in good shape.

If you haven’t scheduled your next dental appointment yet, then contact Brian Davey, DDS today. You can fill out our online form or call (858) 762-9991.