The guide to Dental Implants

Don't let missing teeth hold you back. Discover the life-changing benefits of dental implants today and confidently reclaim your smile!

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are the only modern treatment designed to look, feel, and function like anatomical teeth. Whether you have one missing tooth or need to replace all of them, Dr. Davey can utilize implants and matching restorations to restore your smile’s optimal health. Choose from individual implants with a custom porcelain crown, or fill in wider spaces with a pair of implants supporting a ceramic dental bridge. Full mouth reconstruction options are also available!

Getting dental implants is easier than most people expect. There is little to no irritation following the visit; an over-the-counter pain reliever may be all that you need, if anything.


Dental Implant Restoration Options

Brian Davey DDS works closely with a top oral surgeon who will place dental implants in your jaw. When your new implants are ready for restoration, you have many choices. We will be happy to detail each of them for you at your consultation. Here are a few options we offer for implant restoration:

  • Implant crowns and bridges. For one missing tooth, we will use our CEREC system to craft a beautiful porcelain crown that we can then secure to the top of your implant. Likewise, if you have two or more missing teeth, an implant bridge will fill in your smile with CEREC crowns.
  • All-on-4® implant restoration. This innovative treatment method uses four precisely placed implants to anchor a whole arch of teeth on either the upper or lower jaw. We can usually complete your restoration in a single visit.
  • Mini implants. If traditional implants aren’t suitable for your situation, you may be a good candidate for mini implants. These are similar to standard implants but are smaller, require less jawbone to fuse with, and offer a shorter recovery time. We can restore these implants just like we can traditional implants.

Dental Implants by Dr. Davey

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What are the benefits of dental implants?

There are many advantages to the use dental implants, including:

  • Improved appearance: Dental implants both look and feel like natural teeth. They also allow you to keep your natural smile.
  • Improved function: Dental implants can help you eat and speak more effectively. They also make it easier to brush and floss your teeth, which can help to keep your mouth healthy.
  • Improved oral health and wellness: Dental implants do not require the surrounding teeth to be altered in any way. This means that there is no risk of damaging these teeth. In addition, dental implants can help preserve bone in the jaw, improving your overall oral health.

Want to learn more about the benefits of dental implants?

If you are considering dental implants in San Diego, CA? Talk to Dr. Brian Davey about all of your options and what might be best for you. He can educate you on the various solutions used in our practice to replace missing teeth and assist in making a decision that works for your budget and lifestyle. Call (858) 264-4369 to request an appointment at our office today. We are here to help!